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Jiangsu KOYOE Energy Technology Co., Ltd. , established in 2017, is a high-tech enterprise which specialises in the R&D, production and sales of smart power equipment as well as energy storage products and provides smart overall solutions.
At the same time, relying on the influence of parent company ZHONGCHU PUHUA which has 37 years’ experience in electric power industry, KOYOE Energy actively expands the renewable energy markets. The company’s products are widely used in residential and industrial and commercial power station projects, so as to realise the company’s all-round development in the new energy field from research and development, production, sales and services.


Farm & Manufacturing Plants

Only purchase energy products & PPA — Power purchase agreement

Whether the client only purchases the system or does PPA, the payback period, the size of the system, and the electricity charge mainly depend on the customer's power consumption habit, which means consider the time when the customer focuses on using electricity.

If clients use electricity at night, they will need to install batteries, and the investment will increase, but the total benefit will be more obvious.

If clients use electricity during the day, there is no need to install batteries, and only doing the most basic grid-connected inverter is enough. In this case, the cost is relatively low, but it depends on the customer's roof space. If the client's electricity consumption is not proportional to the roof available area, the benefits brought by this model won't be noticeable.


1. Property must have a strata title to carry out this project mode.
(The customer needs to provide us with the apartment's design drawings and single line diagram.)
2. According to the design and location of property, select the appropriate EPC company for hydropower infrastructure construction. (Including hydropower infrastructure, basic solar energy, network optical fiber, water heater, electric vehicle charging pile and other services.)
3. Public water and electricity: The apartment need to contract with the EPC company, but the price will be lower than the average market price.
Residential water and electricity: Residents have the right to choose the water and electricity provided by this EPC company or others, but the price of EPC company is competitive enough to attract customers.
4.Install an equal number of small meters based on the number of residents to make it easier for the client to sell the property later.
(Water grid bills are centrally mailed to residents. If the apartment is bills included, a single oversubscribed tenant will charge additional fees. )


Distributed: To be installed in every home. The whole community could lower electricity charges and reduce
emissions. The model is more suitable for pension communities or other developers who still own the land rights and could sell the project as a package later because energy systems will increase value to the overall project.

Centralized: Solar panels and inverters are placed centrally in one area of the
community to improve the load and stability of the entire community's power grid, but the mode has low security and efficiency.

Mining - Completely off-grid power solution

To provide basic information about the mine, infrastructure, data on all equipment that needs electricity and the annual electricity bill or expenditure on diesel generators. Based on the data ANE will design the most suitable system for the customer.
With the help of diesel generators, solar power covers 90% of the electricity. Customers do not have to pay for
equipment and infrastructure costs, but they need to sign a contract with ANE for at least seven years, and we charge it.
We will be responsible for system improvement and maintenance during the contract period. Our equipment is a rare three-phase energy storage system on the market, directly connected to the customer's diesel generator, no need to lay new cables. At the same time, ensure that the daytime power generation can meet customer demand. (Reduce your electricity bill by at least 20%)

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