Conference Stream 1

9th Dec - 2021

The Need For Action / Market Update

8:45 am (GMT+10)
Mark Williamson
Michael Mazengarb
John Grimes
Saul Griffith
Kobad Bhavnagri
Prof Martin Green

Morning Tea

10:45 am (GMT+10)

Power Company of the Future / EV’s

11:15 am (GMT+10)
Patrick Matweew
Chris Cormack
Ben Warren
Tim Washington
Dr Jemma Green
Dr Gabrielle Kuiper


12:45 pm (GMT+10)

Solar & Batteries (Installer Business)

1:45 pm (GMT+10)
Sam Craft
Bobbi McKibbin
Warwick Johnston
Glen Morris

Afternoon Tea

3:00 pm (GMT+10)

Smart Energy Product Pitches

3:45 pm (GMT+10)
Alistair McGrath-Kerr


4:50 pm (GMT+10)

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