Peter Bulanyi

Managing Director of Si Clean Energy and Mega Watt Power
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Peter Bulanyi

Managing Director of Si Clean Energy and Mega Watt Power
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05 May 2022
Day 2

Shading Masterclass

1:45 pm (GMT+10)
About the speaker
Peter Bulanyi’s journey with Solar Power began in 1980 when he enlisted in the Royal Australian Air Force. He trained and served as a Radio Technician working on C-130 Hercules navigation, radar and radio communications systems. In civilian life, with a background in electronics, Peter began a solar career in 1989, repairing inverters and solar systems and then designing and installing new systems. Attending one of the very first solar accreditation courses in Australia in 1994, Peter became officially qualified as a solar installer that year. During the 90s and early 2000s, repairing inverters was always the first choice. Up to 2005, after repairing many thousands of inverters sent in from all over Australia, the Pacific and SE Asia, Peter commenced wholesale distribution of inverters and other renewable energy products. Many of these products were unknown, and he played a significant role in creating and developing demand, resulting in many Brands’ success in the Australian market. (Together with his wife Lee, who has been a vital part of the business with her exceptional marketing talent!). By 2012, his product company Si Clean Energy had become one of the most successful solar wholesale distributors in Australia with cumulative inverter sales of around 80MW, a staff of 55, and offices in three states. Inverter repairs and system technical support were always underpinning the sales. This led to the ¬†creation of an additional project company, Mega Watt Power, to enter utility-scale project work. This was a very insightful move and development. As the profitability of wholesale distribution declined with the commoditisation of many products, better opportunities opened up with specialised inverter services at the utility-scale. To date, in 2022, Mega Watt Power has integrated over 2.5GW of utility- scale solar inverters into the Australian grid. As the Managing Director of both Si Clean Energy and Mega Watt Power, Peter’s 30 plus year journey with solar has seen him and his pioneering friends and colleagues at the front of a revolutionary wave of technology. A wave that never reaches shore but continues to grow pace and sweep away the old polluting ways that have no place in today’s world.

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