Jane Caro

Walkley Award winning Author and Columnist
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Jane Caro

Walkley Award winning Author and Columnist
Stream / Conference Session
05 May 2022
Day 2

Hyperthetical Smart Energy

3:30 pm (GMT+10)
About the speaker
Jane Caro is a Walkley Award winning Australian columnist, author, novelist, broadcaster, documentary maker, feminist and social commentator. Caro is a well-known activist for feminism, public education, the plight of older women, urgent action on climate change, our treatment of refugees, Indigenous Australians and anyone who is routinely excluded, marginalized or unjustly treated. She has expressed her activism for decades via her columns, frequent appearances in the media and her books, both fiction and non-fiction. This is Caro’s first tilt at politics, although she did consider standing for Warringah as an Independent in 2019.

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