Shading Masterclass

DATE: 5 MAY 2022

1:45pm – 3:15pm 

Smart Energy Installers Stream | Smart Energy 2022



During the Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition 2022, being held at Darling Harbour in Sydney the Smart Energy Council is running a PV shading masterclass.

The training session will include presentations from leading solution providers for solar PV installations with shaded and partially shaded solar PV installations.

Participants can expect the following session times and learning outcomes:

  • 1:45pm – Welcome and Introductions
  • 1:47pm – Nelson Zheng , Co-founder, Pylon – Using Software to Calculate Shading
  • 2:00pm – Peter Bulanyi, Managing Director, Megawatt Power – The ‘Old School’ Suneye
  • 2:15pm – James Sturch, Technical Director Rest of World, Solaredge – Efficiency and Yield
  • 2:25pm – Rod Dewar, Solutions Manager, Fronius Australia – How Modern Inverters deal with Shading
  • 2:35pm – Wilf Johnson, General Manager APAC, Enphase Energy – The Gold Standard for Difficult Sites
  • 2:45pm – Eddy May, Managing Director, NRG Solar – Messing Around with Shading: What I Found
  • 2:55pm – Q&A with all presenters
  • 3:15pm – Close


Knowledge: Participants will recognise and understand the complexity of solar PV installations depending on site, are made more complex with the introduction of shading. Participants will be stepped through the technical challenges, and some of the solutions when designing systems impacted by shade.


Comprehension: Participants will be able to identify, describe and explain solar installation situations that require shading to be taken into account, and a range of responses available to overcome this limitation.


Analysis: Participants will be able to compare different approaches to managing shading in designing and installing solar PV installations.


Create: Participants will be empowered to develop site specific designs that take into account the nature and duration of shading that will impact on the solar PV system and design a system accordingly.



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