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ATS is an experienced provider of Substation Automation and SCADA/EMS/DMS/GIS for power sector, accounting for majority market share of Vietnam Transmission Grid. Our scope ranges from R&D to design and realize innovative solutions for power system control and management, with focus on solutions supporting renewable energy systems. As part of ATS’s strategic aim, the continuous research and development of smart solutions for sustainable and renewable energy system has always been our focus. Our solutions for the control and monitoring of renewable energy systems aim to play an active part in the global transition towards sustainable energy.  


Integrated and Comprehensive Solutions for Renewable Power Systems

Compliant with the latest international standards and at the same time highly flexible, our solutions can be tailor-made to client’s specific needs in control, monitoring and management of renewable power system. Our key solutions include:

  • Solar Plant Control & Monitoring Solution (PV SCADA & PPC)
  • Wind Plant Control & Monitoring Solution (Wind SCADA & PPC)
  • Distributed Energy Resource Management Solution (DERM) for Rooftop Solar
  • Centralized Operation Control Systems (OCC) for clusters of power plants over wide geographical area
  • Integrated Control, Protection and Automation System for Substation

Our Solar & Wind Plant Control and Monitoring Solutions have been successfully implemented in renewable projects of various scale in Vietnam, including super-sized projects up to 550MWp.

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